Hester Philine about coaching by Jacob de Baan

“Jacob forces you to consider what your core values are as a designer. Once you have clarified those, it becomes clear what your focus “should” be. I found his approach to coaching very pleasant: he has a really tailored way of waorking through which Jacob lets you be yourself, but where necessary pushes you out of your comfort zone. I am very happy with the outcome: I now know who I am as a designer, how to position myself, and who my ideal clients are.”

About Hester Philine

Hester Philine develops products based on functionality and sustainability with a distinct signature. She aims for a design that immediately does what it is supposed to do and is inspired by (sustainable) materials and techniques, and by modern and traditional production processes. Designs, structures and contrasts often play an important role in her work. Her definition for a beautiful design is when all switches on her 'switch panel' have been thought about, and decided upon. The outcome is a design that you, as customer, can use straight away.

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